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Creating ViSUALS that captures imagination and visualise BRANDs

Actually, it's spelled as Graphic but I wanted to use the X rather than the C to make things interesting. After all, pronouncing the C and X is quite similar if you stretch your imagination a bit. Astutely it does give sort of a mutant touch to the word Graphic – I hope you did smile with the sublime humor because this is my personal definition of what Graphic Design is all about. Which is, making things visually interesting, catchy, and have a subconscious effect to create
visual-memory retention.



In the grandest scheme of creating a brand for all kinds of business.  Everything starts with how you market your presence; service or product. Sure these days anybody can create a logo and marketing collateral but how effective that is, is the question.



As far as I know these are what a Graphic Designer can do proficiently: Logo Design & Corporate Identity • Packaging Design • Brochure (Sale-Kit and variation) • Catalog • Flyer • Menu • Print & Digital such as:  Ad, Banner, Posters, Composite Photoshop Layout like Product-Shot enhancement, Art-work and Editorial illustration, Icon Design • Magazine Design • User Interface (Ui) for Apps and Website Design – front end design only.


These are only a "tip of an ice-berg" so to speak of what a Graphic Designer can do. Most importantly creating these marketing materials should create visual retention in-line with a strategic concept of how the product/service should be marketed.

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