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Logo Design

Let’s face it, how many Graphic Designer will be given the opportunity to create or rebrand a Corporate or Product logo for BIG companies. That Probability would be what... One percent? If there are opportunities certainly that would come knocking to a design firm/agency or to an individual with renowned designing experiences. I’ve read in numerous design groups debates about “How to price” for a logo. Honestly in my own experience pricing is relative to a client vision of how important a logo is and their ability to pay. So if they are only willing to pay for $50 to $100 or even lower then that’s just how their working financial situation are. Getting to start on something is more important

Would I embrace Sony?

Recently I got my self a Sony A7II full frame mirrorless camera. I'm a Canon user by the way. If money is not an issue I would have gone all the way Canon and buy the 5D MK4 but at $3,000 or more, that's not going to happen. Plus the fact how photographers are being paid these days it's a steep climb to get back that "Return of Investment" (ROI) or most probably it would be charged to experience. My current Canon gears are 7D MK2 and 70D. My set-up are intended for mobility since I do a lot of events and on-site. For me Flash-Photography is important specially for small-item product shots and onsite editorial portraiture. I got myself 2 600EX-RT, 430EX RT and ST-E3 RT Wireless Remote trigger


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