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We need role models and I choose Novak.

Tennis is my sport. I did play competitive tennis when I was in high-school and University. Unfortunately I was not good enough to even get through to a second round on a National Level. But it's okay, I'm still glad and grateful to my dad who force me to learn it, even if I was not interested. Just goes to show that when you're a kid you don't know a shit, even if you think your special and can do things as how you think you know yourself. You don't know your future but you're parents can prepare you for it.

I am what I am today because of what my parents has taught me or forcefully instigated into my well being. And one of them is exposing me to sports, which did make a BIG difference.

Everything about personality, characteristic, talent, and skills or specialize skills needs time to form on a intuitive level. Where it is not about thinking but it becomes a intrinsic reaction. To a level where your mind will always adhere to what was habitually formed on your journey to make something of yourself.

I'm a fan of Djokovic, but first I'm a fan of Tennis as a sport. Having said this I'm also a fan of Federer and Nadal. It just that for my personality I relate more to Djokovic.

We all need a role model so we can aspire to level-up our goals and our mind-set to pattern it to what our role-model had gone through to achieve their goal. These are what inspired me about Djokovic

  1. HARD WORD do payoff: Among the so called "BIG 3" in tennis. Djokovic is the least talented. For him to compete to the highest level he need to exert more effort than the rest. This being holistic on his diet and physical health in general. To apply this to a common level. We all have our own strength. Some have great talents, genius, smartness, etc. But for those that does not have an edge with innate abilities, working hard will get some result. It might not be a fast tract to success but eventually if will open some opportunities.

  2. Djokovic is RESILIENT and TENACIOUS. Djokovic is known to grind. In a Grand slam tournament; Australian open, French open, Wimbledon and US open. All are five sets championship. Players know that playing against Djokovic will be very physical. This is my take: I know that we all strive to work hard only if we're equally compensated. But if we're always going to think about equal compensation or what we can get out of it, our perspective in life will always be restricted to this kind of mentality. There will always be a time to decide to move-on or get what we deserved but to have a mindset of resiliency and being tenacious we need to grind it out to every opportunity that is presented to us.

  3. MENTAL TOUGHNESS: Djokovic is by far recognize being the most mentally tough tennis player of his generation of even considered the very best. No other sports in the word that combines physicality, concentration and mastery on every aspect of a tennis strokes. Tennis is by far the hardest sport to master. I define mental toughness to be able to win enough to muster nerves and pressure. In a competitive level, everyone is equal to a certain point, what separate one from the other is how they can manage pressure and muster their disappointment to able to win.

  4. Improving Skills to adopt: In the tennis work Djokovic is more know for his consistency rather than his stroke. Just like everybody would agree that Federer is like a ballet on the court , form and power combined equals to artistry. And as for the Nadal his wicked whirlwind forehand that strike fear among players confidence. Djokovic knows that he has to be a complete player and probably need to exert more effort just to be able to compete. This is what made me like Djokovic. Just like everyone else I want to believe that aside from not being that gifted or talented with hard work, dedication and willingness to improve I'll have a chance to compete with the very best. I might not be able to surpass the geniuses of the word but at least I was able to hang-on and believe that I've given my best.


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